What is BEN-FL?
Ben Gold is an aspiring 14-year old sports announcer who travels the country interviewing celebrities, players and fans of professional sports. Ben's greatest desire is to be able to connect sports fans with the very latest sports news as it becomes available.

About Ben

Ben Gold

Ben looks forward to waking up each day to NFL Network.  He enjoys getting the latest sports news from professional sportscasters like Ian Rappaport and Dion Sanders while at the same time being entertained by the humor that they add to their broadcast.  Ben’s all time favorite interview was having opportunity to meet and interview his idol, Bob Papa, announcer for the  New York Giants.   In addition to waking up to NFL Network each morning, Ben reads multiple sports magazines and reads sports stories on the internet as well.

Ben’s love of the game is deep rooted in family tradition.  Ben’s grandfather was a season ticketholder for the NY Giants and Ben’s dad has taken over that family tradition.  It is Ben’s hope to pass the love of the game to his family some day.

When Ben is not reporting on football games, he can be found playing tennis numerous hours a week along with writing for his school newspaper where he is currently a Freshman.  In addition, Ben supports a variety of charities including Seper Fido and Cystic Fibrosis.  Ben also volunteers with young children each week in his home town.  Ben resides in New Jersey with his parents and his loyal companion dog, Nick.


Interested in being in the spotlight

Ben Gold will be attending The Minnesota Vikings Vs. Washington Redskins Game November 7, 2013 at Mall of America Field at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN. If you would like to meet Ben Gold and are interested in being in the spotlight, “Like” us on Facebook. We will release Ben Gold’s location on Facebook November 7th at 1:00pm or you can contact us by clicking on the Contact BEN-FL button here. Contact BEN-FL